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Because of the 10th aniversary of Samsung's colaboration with FECMA (Spanish Federation of Breast Cancer). We have developed a photographic project to recognize and give support to the commitment and hard work of all the the breast cancer fighters. 'War Correspondents on Breast Cancer' it’s a work created through the camera lens of the Spanish war photojournalist Manu Brabo (2013 Pulitzer-Prize). All the pictures were captured from the eyes of someone who has lived the battle of a lot of people. An initiative around the spanish geography to know and show women, doctors, researchers and families reality.

Directed by Borja Larrondo



The campaign included 43 photographs, a 13 minute documentary, a 160 pages book and a box with all the report sent from "war" to the most important journalist. It was all launched in a 4 days free exhibition in a gallery located in the cultural heart of Madrid.


In Latin America, hundreds of thousands of people are disappeared as a result of armed conflicts, violence, migration and natural disasters. “Detrás (Behind)” is a campaign that aims to recognize and raise awareness of the big effort behind every relative of a missing person. When you see someone holding a portrait you may think that they are waiting, but they’re not, they are searching, and the International Committee of the Red Cross is helping them every day.





There is something worst than violence within soccer: violence within children's soccer. Sport teaches kids positive values like respect, teamwork, endeavor and fellowship.

Unfortunately, it isn't the only thing they learn. We often see parents from the stands with violent behaviors against the referee, the coach, other parents and even the kids. Insults, pressure and physical aggressions in the worst cases.

As the official sponsor of La Liga, Samsung creates Rule 18, a rule that is added to the 17 that already regulate soccer, the first one not addressed  to the field, but to the stands.

Represented with a blue card, Rule 18 says that:

  1. The referee can stop the match if he witnesses an inappropriate behavior of any person in the audience.

  2. He has the right to eject that person and resume the match only when the inappropriate behavior stops.

  3. With every 5th R18 Blue Card, the team looses points.

This initiative wants to protect the kids from the bad example that some parents give, at the same time it educate young players today to become fans tomorrow.




For the global launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S9 with Super Slow-Mo© we created an immersive outdoor experience using all the digital screens of Callao, the 3rd busiest square in Europe. We built a set with special characteristics, ad hoc spaces tailored to each screen and created a choreography for profesional parkour artists. The visual effect of people jumping between buildings at 960fps captured the attention of thousands of people who walked through Madrid that week and also the media which picked up the campaign.



Window St. Artist | john lewis

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Each street performer has an established spot in the city, but when London Autumn arrives, perform outdoor can become a problem. John Lewis solves this weather issue with Window St. Artist, a campaign that brings their daily stage to Oxford St. and streams it where they usually perform. Every item artists are using is for sale and appears during the performance, making the audience able to buy it live.





Obesity is one of the biggest health problems in western countries. The World Health Organization forces brands to show how many calories products contain but most of them trick it placing it between tones of small info behind the packaging and calculating the amount per serving or percentages, confusing the consumer.


Caloriebrands is an instagram account that shows how would products look like if the brand was replaced by the amount of calories. A simple idea with 0€ budget that went viral worldwide in less than 1 week obtaining millions of media impressions.



First Samsung global campaign launched by Cheil Spain for more than 70 countries. Simple visual idea that enhances the amazing colors of the new Galaxy J SuperAMOLED screen.


Directed by Vincent Haycok. Filmed in L.A.



Senior Creatives at Ogilvy Spain (2019-… )

Senior Creatives at Cheil Spain (2018-2019)

Junior Creatives at Cheil Spain (2016-2018)

Miami Ad School Madrid/ New York/ Miami (2014-2016)

  • 3 Month Internship at Lola Madrid

  • 3 Month Internship at Alma DDB Miami

  • 3 Month Internship at McCann London


  • Spanish (native)

  • English (professional competence)





  • Cannes Lions (2018)

    • 1 Silver

    • 1 Bronze

    • 12 shortlists


    • 1 Shortlist

  • D&Ad (2019)

    • 1 Wood Pencil

    • 1 Shortlist

  • One Show (2019)

    • 1 Bronze

    • 2 Merit

    • 2 Shortlist

  • Eurobest (2018)

    • 2 Gold

    • 2 Silver

  • El Ojo de Iberoamérica

    • 1 GRAND PRIX

    • 5 Gold

    • 3 Silver

    • 3 Bronze

  • Clio Awards (2018)

    • 1 Silver

  • FIAP Awards (2018)

    • 1 GRAND PRIX

    • 3 Gold

    • 1 Silver

    • 3 Bronze

  • LIA Awards (2018)

    • 2 Silver

  • El Sol (2018)

    • 4 Gold

    • 4 Silver

    • 2 Bronze

  • CdeC (2019)

    • Premio Juan Mariano Mancebo al Joven Talento (Best creative team under 30)

    • 2 InBook

  • Andy Awards - Gold (2016)

  • Clio Awards Student - Silver (2016)

  • D&Ad New Blood (2016)

    • 2 Graphite

  • New York Festival - Silver (2017)

  • Graphis Competition - Silver (2016)

  • CdeC student - Inbook (2016)

  • El Sol student - Shortlist (2016)

  • JCDecaux Young Talents - Shortlist (2015)